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Queen Mum


Lindsay Colborne - Works in Newsprint, Biro and White-Out.

There is nothing ordinary about the way Lindsay uses these everyday items to make comment on the daily media reporting of the news and the effect that slick news reports have on the general populous. There is a riveting attention to detail at every level of his work and this explicit detail emphasises the many levels at which Lindsay's biting satire can be observed.

Lindsay has chosen this media, his subject matter, his composition, even his framing to emphasise his point. The wit is sharp and true; the work clean and concise; the point topical and the whole effect is of this age which is fast drawing to a close.

Lindsay is not negative. He has a strong belief in the recuperative power of nature and his use of natural elements, for example the tree, is symbolic of his belief that the natural cycle will continue. Lindsay sees the hills where he lives as an inspiring natural balance to the need to know mentality which feeds on the daily media diet of hyped-up daily news.