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Old 04-03-2012, 12:26 PM
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Default Trust Me - I'm Telling You the Truth About My Psychic Background

Is it time the Australian and world public demand real proof of how long psychics have been working in their field rather than accepting psychic review sites testimonials? Let's tackle this question today.

If you read a biography where a psychic is describing they have worked in the psychic market for 30 years or more, you expect they are telling the truth.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people fabricating their psychic background to convince customers to use their psychic services. The business standards we have come to expect in other professional industries don't exist in the psychic field. Which is why someone can make up a psychic background, by using misleading business and unethical tactics. They try to convince the public they’re a genuine psychic or online psychic company.

It is disappointing to read that some psychics are describing they have been working in the psychic field for 30 years or more to find they only recently commenced doing psychic readings.

One Melbourne Psychic reader in particular was recently outed by the Online Psychic Alliance. It is alleged his psychic business background is fake. He was telling his customers that he had been doing psychic and metaphysical work for 30 years. What was discovered was he came from a yoga and meditation background and was involved in an affiliate network program where he was selling online products. A yoga background doesn't fall into a psychic reading background and how anyone can spin this in any other way is questionable.

He went under two separate names, which allowed him to reinvent himself overnight. Online Psychic Alliance discovered he had been a public speaker and writer under his old alias and had taught yoga classes. They researched his past over a five-year period to identify when he began doing psychic readings. They could only trace he began to offer metaphysical courses from approximately 3 to 5 years ago. Which means his 30-year psychic reading background on his Psychic Blog site was made up. It clearly reinforced he was misleading his Australian and international public and he couldn’t demonstrate any credible proof of what he was writing.

This is not just a one off business abusing its customer’s trust. There are thousands of online psychic companies engaging in the same type of business practices.

Why are false psychic and metaphysical business entities shortchanging the Australian public?

The Australian public has no psychic regulation in Australia by the State or the Federal Powers of the Land. Anyone can set himself or herself up to be a psychic reader over the internet or face to face. There is no licensing of psychics where a psychic is required to demonstrate their real psychic background, or declare they're only entering into the psychic field.

It is one of the reasons skeptics have a field day declaring all psychics to be fake and cold readers.

It is also why credible and real psychics are bunched in with the whole psychic industry and have been labelled charlatans and don't have a spiritual voice. They are unable to be found.

to be continued...Why are there so many false psychics in Australia online and which psychic businesses and organizations are responsible?

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. She is a Natural Born Sensitive Born in Melbourne Australia who worked on the first Australian psychic lines and is highly regarded in her spiritual profession. She is passionate about bringing some level of spiritual credibility to the psychic arts and has been lobbying for greater accountability in the psychic field in Australia.
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