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Old 03-28-2012, 01:48 PM
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Default Can a psychic give you lucky numbers to win a lottery? - Akashic Record Manipulation

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Here are Vine Psychic's tips to help you understand psychic lottery number psychics and buy a psychic charm bracelet, spell psychics are not acting in your best spiritual interest...

I was asked today to use my spiritual precognitive ability to enter into the Akashic Records to provide tattslotto / Keno / lotto numbers for an overseas client. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.

I declined the reading because it was clear from the start the psychic and spiritual services I offer my clients wasn't what the customer was looking for.

Do you believe that psychics can give you lucky numbers to win the lotto, sweepstakes, help you with gambling ambitions etc.?

How many of you said yes?

I can guarantee that maybe half of my readers responded in the affirmative to that question. Which is why I want to discuss what genuine psychics (Sensitive’s) do, as opposed to what entertainment or gypsy psychics offer unsuspecting customers and why you need to be discerning about seeking any psychic services that claim they can use psychic powers to choose winning lottery numbers, or bring luck into your life.

Nowhere in my Vine Psychic Line website does it declare that I offer psychic lottery numbers or predict a customer will win the sweepstakes, raffles, pokies, etc.

I am aware there are some psychic businesses offering these types of services in Australia and throughout the world. The question readers have to ask themselves is how truthful are these claims?

The spiritual guidance I have received from my Spiritual Guardians about the amount of false psychic businesses dangling get rich quick schemes to prospective customers on and off the internet reinforces why people will seek out gypsy scam lotto psychics and the like.

Skeptics mostly label all psychics charlatans. We're all bunched together into the gypsy and entertainment psychic category. They fail to understand genuine psychics don't promote advertising like the following:

  • I can use my psychic gifts to help you win lotto
  • We have all the psychic powers at our disposal to predict your winning lotto ticket
  • Win lotto by using our psychic powers
  • I am a psychic who only offers winning lotto numbers
  • You can win the lottery by using our secret psychic lotto spell
These cleverly crafted SEO keyword titles placed on gypsy psychic scam sites and some entertainment psychic chat lines are destroying the reputation of good psychics throughout the world.

Reputable psychics, mediums and Sensitive’s use spiritual clairsenses that allow them to help clients reconnect with their departed loved ones, provide guidance about relationships, love, family issues, career aspirations, ethereal health issues, legal concerns etc.

We don't offer get rich quick schemes. Real psychic ability is about tuning into the past, present, and future. It isn't connected to any type of magic whatsoever.

What is the Akashic Record?
Let me get back to why I was taken aback by a customer requesting I use the Akashic Record to source lotto numbers for her.

The Akashic Record is spiritually sacred, it is a spiritual record that is used for the greatest good and allows an enlightened being to telepathically absorb the energy of knowing. The Akashic knowledge is not something you use to manifest wealth, power or experiment with when you are doing psychic work.

If you are not of a certain knowing you will not be able to enter the halls of learning to understand the relevance of the open source of knowing. If you come from a pure spiritual place it will be shown to you. If you come from a place of ego, desires and longing you will radiate the dense frequencies from your auric field.

Enjoying a Flutter on the Horses vs Strong Gambling
Spirit understands that people want to have a little flutter and to gamble, but when this is taken to the extreme it automatically loses its spiritual sheen and has a karmic influence on the way you live your life and what you will attract in this life and the after life.

Melbourne Cup - My Teenage Flutter, Spring Racing Carnival Australia
I remember when I was a teenager I decided to have a flutter on the Melbourne Cup, Spring horse racing carnival because I wanted to enjoy the excitement of the public holiday in Victoria. My mother was a regular horse punter and she showed me how to fill out the TAB form. I decided I would place bets for the Quadrella, which meant I had to win 4 consecutive races in a row.

This was my first time having a bet and as I joined my family in the living room I jumped up and down when I won the first leg of the Quadrella, then the second and the third leg of the Quadrella. The third leg was the main race, the Melbourne Cup and I excitedly had another horse reaching the winner post .

My family was amazed that I had chosen three winners and we all gathered around the television set to see if my horse in the last leg of the Quadrella would come first. The funny thing was that in the final leg of the Quadrella it had a small field so if one of my horses failed to win, I had another chance with my second horse being the winner.

I won't hold you in suspense about what the end result was. My horse did win, but also the second horse that was selected in my category came second. I had won the Quadrella the first time I had ever had a bet. I realized that if my horse in the last leg of the Quadrella hadn't been successful I would have still won. I was extremely lucky that day.

My family was amazed and I rejoiced in the joy of the day and I'll definitely remember it for the rest of my life.

The one thing I remember about that day more then anything else was the pure fun I was having and my thoughts were just about enjoying the moment.

I didn't have to concentrate hard, or for that matter did I come from a place of greed or believe that I was more entitled to win then anyone else around me. I was living in the moment and I believe this is the reason why my luck came in.

Spiritual Manifestation vs Get Rich Quick Manifestation
When you demand something of Spirit because you believe you have the right to manifest more than another you don't understand the true energy of manifestation or the real Universal Laws of Attraction. There are a lot of people who believe they have found the secret of attracting what they want. Some of the manifestation techniques they use are more about control, coercing and manipulating people to falsely attract power, money, position, authority and status (they don't understand the Universal Karmic Laws).

Spiritually this isn't what manifestation is all about (but that's another story)

If you have to contact a phone psychic to give you lotto numbers or any other luck spells you have failed to understand the real knowing of manifestation.

The reason why I attracted luck towards me was because I never abused any of my spiritual gifts. I didn't send out prayers to angels or saints demanding I deserved to win. I didn't need any type of luck or good fortune charm bracelet or spell to influence my chances of winning.

I came from a place of truth. The Quadrella numbers were 8, 7, 5, 5. They have been ingrained in my memory because it was a great day. My father had to collect my winnings and we had a little celebration on the day.

If you want to really manifest in the pure form maybe you need to reevaluate your way of thinking and realize your luck comes from within and no gypsy psychic or entertainment chat line is going to be able to astrally project the winning lottery numbers to you.

copyright protected March 28 2012 - Vine Psychic Readings Line - All Rights Reserved

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