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Default Australian Psychic Medium Vine - Answers Your Questions, TAROT

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Below are Vine's psychic tips about tarot readings and why she doesn't offer this service.

"Vine, Why don't you use tarot cards in your psychic readings?"

One of my Australian psychic customers was curious and asked this question:

They noticed that I do not use any psychic modalities when I do personal readings or online phone readings.

She was shocked when I tuned into her pressing relationship issues simply by connecting to her aura only.

I use a spiritual breath technique that I learned from my spiritual guardians when I was a young child.

Psychic Customers Should Have Choice
Some of my new clients who originally contacted other psychics revealed when calling Australian and world psychic lines they were automatically talked into a tarot card reading. They followed the online psychic readers prompts and selected the psychic of their choice who professed to be clairsentient, clairvoyant, mediums, etc. but only presented as a tarot reader.

Psychic Customers Who Dislike Tarot Spreads
Many readers share with me they are not comfortable with tarot card psychic spreads and don't really know the reasons why (I'll write about this in another article soon).

They find my psychic medium website and psychic articles and begin to understand there are other psychic reading alternatives than a tarot card reading. Credible psychics and other clairvoyants do not need to use tarot to do a decent spiritual reading.

Tarot and Entertainment
A lot of entertainment psychics use tarot as a way of engaging the customer when they are sitting across the table from them and keeping the reading vibrant and alive. Most corporate psychic functions or party psychic bookings use tarot because they have a visual tool to use and engage their audience. At no stage are tarot entertainment readings the same as a spiritual psychic reading. There simply is no comparison.

Psychic Modalities and Psychic Tools - Who Uses Them
My reasons for not using tarot cards is because I don't require a modality to tune into my clients auras. Nearly all psychic chat lines find the tarot to be an easy method of doing customer psychic readings. The same with astrological readings. You may find that a psychic will request your horoscope sign or birth date at the very beginning of the reading.

Vine's Spiritual Clairsenses
I was guided from a very young age that I had the ability to tune into a wide range of spiritual heightened senses. I use the French term clairsenses, because it is a good definition to explain the range of heightened psychic energies genuine psychics can call upon to help them tune into their clients issues.

Origins of Tarot - Controversy
Most metaphysical books or encyclopaedia journals disagree about the origin of tarot . There is one explanation that tarot cards originated from a card game created in Europe. Other writers reveal that tarot originated from the Kabbalah. Then there are people who have a religious background that say the tarot are devils cards and no good can come from it.

I recommend that if you really want a complete explanation of the history of tarot that you refer to reliable educational sources and avoid any public relations writers explanation - as it could be biased.

A Past Tarot Reader - What They Shared With Me

One of my clients who was a past tarot reader herself, declared she made things up as she went along when she did tarot readings by only looking at the cards. She declared herself a fake because she didn't really believe she was psychic.

I was taken aback by her revelations, but she shared most tarot psychics are unable to connect with their clients unless they do a tarot spread.

Credible and Reputable Mediums Don't Need to Use Tarot
Some psychic customers contact me after they have phoned a psychic medium to connect with their loved ones to find the psychic reader has mislead them about their range of psychic ability and used tarot as a way of communicating with their guides and the higher realms.

A true psychic medium shouldn't have to refer to the tarot to connect with the spiritually departed. They should be able to feel the presence of your loved ones by using the art of clairsentience and clairvoyance. (refer to full breakdown of clairsenses by clicking here).

I'm spiritually guided that naturally gifted psychics don't need to use any form of modality if they carry the spiritual ability of mediumship.

Psychic Mediums open themselves up to be used as a spiritual conduit and they do not require any psychic tools other than working in pure love from the higher realms.

As I've already shared in some of my blog articles there are a lot of people that have entered the psychic field because they wanted a different income stream and don't have any psychic ability whatsoever.

There are some psychic institutions that will share it is a god-given right to be psychic. That's true to people who are born that way, or have a near death experience. However, it doesn't apply to anyone who just decides one day they want to be psychic.

If I said to you I want to be a mathematician or for that matter an astronaut and just applied myself to the studies would I immediately be able to draw upon the skills required to reach this level of aspiration?

What was your answer?

It would require years of study, natural ability and at best I would be lucky to survive a few weeks having to take on a wide range of subject matter that I know nothing about.

Why then, do people assume the same type of spiritual skills are not required by a reputable psychic?

Simply because it is a convenient way for businesses to market psychics.

Most reputable psychic mediums will declare you cannot be taught to be psychic. You are born with heightened ability or you may have a 'NDE's'. A near death experience is where you physically die and spiritually lift out of your physical body and become aware of your heightened spiritual aura.

Any business who is trying to sell psychic courses to customers would write something totally different. It is another income stream for the psychic or psychic company. If you check out most of the large psychic businesses they will be offering a wide range of services.

Psychic Hint: Be discerning of cleverly worded psychic advertising spin.

Tarot Cards - Personal Choice
Tarot Cards are a personal choice, they are mostly a psychic novelty tool and if you feel drawn towards them then give them a go. But don't assume using tarot will make you psychic, nor having a tarot reading from a psychic online will mean they are psychic.

If you want to ask Vine a metaphysical or spiritual question please join the forum and place your request in the psychic readings section...
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