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Default How Can I find a decent phone psychic? Vine's Psychic Reading Tips | 2013 Essential Psychic Tips For Callers

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30+ years. Vine Psychic's 'How Can I Find a Decent Phone Psychic in 2013? tips' give you a step-by-step guide on finding reputable online phone mediums and clairvoyants.

How can I find a decent phone psychic?
What a great question to ask before phoning a psychic chat line or clicking the first psychic listing that appears on the web.

I am spiritually guided you have to be prepared to research the psychic organization or clairvoyant and find out whether they are a credible psychic.
To find the right psychic in 2013 I have prepared a list of things to do before booking an online psychic reading.
  • Be discerning. Why do you need to be discerning about booking a psychic reading online?
The reason why you need to be discerning about selecting any online phone psychics in 2013 is there are so many people and businesses that have decided to test their luck attempting to be a psychic reader or starting an online psychic business.
They may have come from a variety of job positions in the past, have good communication phone skills and believe they can make a living offering psychic services. They may have had a psychic reading and decided they would buy a psychic business or they may be a con artist setting themselves up to find vulnerable people to sell their Amazon, Ebay or similar affiliate product range. Normally you can identify EBay psychic affiliates on Google Places. They will try to prop up reputation by the psychics reviewing each other. Take a look, they're not that difficult to find. They stand out.
You have to send out a message to them that you know what their game is and don't use their services.
Reputable psychics don't need to use content publishing sites that distribute links all over the web like EzineArticles, ArticleSnatch or blog sharing links etc.
Genuine psychics place all of their psychic history on their own websites, blogs, Facebook Page and Twitter Sites, Forums etc and have built up their reputation over a period of time.

Why would any psychic redirect you to an outside article source when they have their own website, blog, or forum? Simply, they don't.
Reputable psychics don't join affiliate business link sharing arrangements. These link sharing arrangements were heavily penalized by Google in 2012.

Initially social network community sites decided they wanted people to share whether they liked a particular topic. Facebook has the 'Like Button', Twitter has the Retweet click and Google has the 'Google + button'.
Now affiliates are using a similar type of network to falsely rank themselves on the web. If a psychic is joining psychic directories or psychic review sites owned by affiliates they are entering into a shared link arrangement.
Reputable psychics might recommend other reputable spiritual or metaphysical businesses. They do not join thousands of link sharing arrangements to falsify their reputation.

  • Check Credible Testimonials - Not Affiliate Testimonials
If you are going to outlay money for a phone psychic reading you should check and see if the psychic of your choice has credible client testimonials.
There are a lot of online psychic chat lines, independent psychics and video psychics who are falsifying their psychic reputation by manipulating testimonial reputation.
"Gosh, not only do you have to check whether a psychic has real psychic reputation, but now you have to also identify if a psychic has authentic client testimonials. Sorry to write that is exactly what you need to do in 2013."
The Psychic Review Sites that claim they have selected the top 10 psychics from around the world or claim to be a psychic directory of the best world psychics are far from independent and the only psychics they are recommending - are the ones who have agreed to enter link sharing affiliate arrangements. Check the psychic websites being recommended and see if you can find the link being sent back to the main site.

Some psychics are even claiming they are being represented by an agent if they are selected to join these affiliate psychic companies who put their name forward.
I have touched on how out of control the online psychics readings businesses are in 2013 because of all the back patting arrangements that are going on all over the world.

  • Psychic Testimonials Should Show Real Proof of Ability
Reputable psychic testimonials should provide real proof of a psychic reading. Avoid testimonials that are a sentence long that claim something like this:
"Suzy provided an excellent reading. I'll definitely call again."
I have made up that entry because I want to show why it doesn't provide any credible proof of the psychic reading the customer had, or allow the reader to be impressed by the lack of information the testimonial provides. In short, the psychic testimonial is vague and unverifiable as being a true psychic client testimonial.
When my spiritual guardians shared with me that I was to offer online psychic readings I was guided that all of my testimonials needed to be transparent and verifiable. Which is why we share on my psychic readings testimonial page if a prospective client wants proof of a client psychic reading testimonial they can request the full testimonial with the name blacked out for privacy reasons.
There is no reason why all psychics can't offer the same type of testimonial proof and therefore go on the record as being a legitimate psychic business.

  • Make Sure The Psychic You Call is Capable of Offering the Services They Advertise
You call a phone psychic because they are advertising on their website or blog they can connect with the departed. You phone the psychic reader to be told they do it by using tarot cards, angel cards etc.
Misleading psychic advertising is prevalent in the psychic market and if you allow a psychic or business to coerce you, by offering a service and not delivering what they are advertising you're reinforcing bad psychic chat lines continuing in the market place. You might find they will offer a few free minutes by suggesting you have a chat with them before you decide if you want to go ahead with the reading.
A reputable medium doesn't require tarot cards period. They shy away from any modality that doesn't allow them to use their natural born gifts.
Anyone, and I mean anyone that claims to be a spiritual medium, or a natural born medium should be able to provide genuine proof of their mediumship ability without referring to any type of modality whatsoever.
If a psychic tries to talk you around to having a tarot reading, claim their angel cards allow them to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, put the phone down.
They are not offering the service they advertised and are most probably hoping you will forget about it. The onus is on you to not let any Australian psychic or World Psychic online business falsify their psychics abilities.

  • Entertainment Psychic Trap - Why Credible Clairvoyants and Mediums Never Place an Entertainment Disclaimer on their Website or Business
Particularly if a psychic lives and works in Australia in 2013 they should not have to place a disclaimer on their website claiming their readings are for entertainment purposes only.
In some other countries like Britain, the US there is strong psychic regulation about providing psychic reading services and psychics are required by law to stipulate they are an entertainment psychic or to be licensed before they can start a psychic business.
Any credible or reputable medium would be insulted by the entertainment psychic tag and would either write something like the current law stipulates:
"I am to advise I am an entertainment psychic."

They wouldn't just update something like the following:

Our psychic readers provide psychic reading services as a guide and are only for entertainment purposes only.

What is an entertainment psychic? Is an entertainment psychic a tarot reader, a medium a television psychic?
  • What Should a Genuine Psychic Offer to a Customer?
Let's go back to what the real definition of what a psychic is supposed to mean as opposed to the psychic PR Spin doctors tells you what it means.

A psychic is supposed to be able to demonstrate heightened psychic ability and have clear sight, clear hearing, clear feelings and provide credible evidence of natural spiritual abilities. Period.

Please refer to clairsenses breakdown where I share the wide range of clairsenses I was born with.

Anyone that claims to be an entertainment psychic chat line, online business or fails to be spiritually affronted by a law claiming they are an entertainer is not a real psychic.

I will reiterate it again. Psychics are people who are born with higher knowing and help people find their own spiritual truth. They are not entertainers.

If you are paying a phone psychic to get real help and you find they have an entertainment disclaimer on the end of their webpage or terms and conditions page you need to rethink are you are throwing your money down the drain?

A genuine psychic would be prepared to take a polygraph test if it was required under any legal situation. That is how committed they are to their spiritual work. It shouldn't have to get to that, but anyone who shares they have natural psychic ability should be able to adequately demonstrate this to their customers.

  • Now You Can Call Your Phone Psychic
Once You have researched whether a psychic or psychic business is building up their reputation by link sharing, not entering into false psychic review or testimonial arrangements and definitely not referring to themselves as an entertainment psychic you have found a credible medium or spiritualist that is waiting for your psychic phone call. Although you may have to set some time aside and follow the tips I've provided in finding the right psychic for your needs - you will be glad you did when you see genuine psychic ability does exist by Natural Born Intuitive's.

Remember you are in charge of your spiritual health and you can send out a message to misleading and deceptive psychic businesses by not using their services and showing them you are more clued up then they give you credit for.

Love and Light

For our customers only: Vine Psychic Line only updates article information on her own website, blog site and selected reputable advertising agencies. If you find any of Vine Psychic Line content that appears in a different domain language or false Spam sites we would appreciate your help in notifying our business. Under no circumstances is Vine or her admin staff placing articles in spam article sites.
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