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Old 09-21-2011, 05:25 PM
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Default Good Psychic Reading Vine's Opinion on What Makes a Good Psychic

I recently read that a psychic shouldn't be judged by how accurate their predictions are when they do tarot and psychic readings, but how they communicate with their clients and they should be able to ask questions and not be tested.

This comment came from a live expert psychic network. To say that I was puzzled by the quote would be an understatement. I wondered what readers would think about having a psychic reading with a great communicator that didn't really help them deal with their ongoing and pressing life issues?

That's why I'm going to share what I think makes a good psychic instead of allowing the psychic marketing machine to tell us what does.

I never get any information about my own life from my Spiritual guardians and if you speak with any professional psychic they will say the same thing. They can spiritually read for other people - but not themselves.

If I was looking for guidance about a situation in my own life I would seek a qualified psychic who had a strong spiritual connection to the work they do. I would lean towards having a reading with someone who doesn't use any form of metaphysical modality because I would know they were directly communicating with the higher realms. I would be less likely to contact a tarot reader because I wouldn't want the interpretation of the cards to be the motivating force behind the reading.

I would be seeking within the first few moments of our introduction to see what they picked up about me. I wouldn't share anything about my background, nor why I was requesting the reading. I would want them to unconditionally show some proof of their spiritual gift.

There are a lot of qualified clairvoyants and mediums who have this ability and there are a lot of people who claim to be able to do readings that sometimes fall short of the advertising they distribute to their audience.

I share with my clients the energy of discernment is required when you seek spiritual guidance. You will know within the first few moments whether someone is able to tune into your aura and give real evidence of their psychic ability.

If I found that someone was asking me for my astrology sign, my birth date, whether I was in a relationship and a whole range of questions to connect with me that would be a sign they have lost me from the start of the reading.

I know that credible psychics don't need that information when they communicate with their clients and I would be expecting the psychic that I was guided to, would be capable of demonstrating real Clair senses.

They would be able to tune into my departed family members, talk about a real situation occurring around me at the time, share a vision they see which shows what I do - that type of thing.

When I get real proof of a psychics gifts I know they are standing in authentic spiritual energy and I am with one of my own.

I find the good psychics are drowned out by the PR advertising gurus who sit down every day to promote their false psychic businesses or by the scam sites who write about spiritual, paranormal and metaphysical articles without personally experiencing any of the things they write about.

The most important thing I would look for in a good psychic is honesty. If I know a psychic is being honest with their customers, then I know straight away they're coming from a place of spiritual integrity.

If a psychic is not telling the truth about their psychic ability or exaggerating their skills they only end up karmically hurting themselves.

Eventually people know a real psychic isn't just a great communicator. The customer looks for more. It might be costly for them to outlay all of the money they do before they find the right psychic, but that's part of the lesson of discernment.

I believe a customer is more clued up than a lot of the large psychic businesses have cottoned onto. Prospective psychic customers will dangle their feet in the water to see which psychic has the goods. They might originally call a mass produced psychic company and speak to the wide range of psychics, but they also call the credible psychics and once they have a real reading they never go back to the psychic chat lines.

For me a good psychic is someone that has a solid platform of providing real predictions and not dancing around the issue. They can have a soft voice or an assertive voice as long as they provide real readings. I never judge a psychic by their physical appearance, culture or status. I judge them by their spiritual truth.

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above are Vine Psychic's tips to help you get the psychic help you spiritually deserve.
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