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Old 05-30-2011, 02:22 PM
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Thumbs up 10 Tips to Have a Successful Psychic Reading & Not Be Scammed - By Vine Psychic Line

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Here are Vine Psychic's tips to help you get the psychic help you spiritually deserve.

Please Note:Originally this article provided 10 Tips - it has now been extended due to public interest

Make sure you are booking a psychic reading with a reputable and credible psychic
You need to know you are selecting a real psychic when you have a psychic reading. Don't be fooled by all of the glossy website pages and photographs of people who proclaim to be psychic. Do your homework and check whether the psychic or online psychic business is all it claims to be.

Check the psychic's credentials, how long have they been doing psychic readings?

There are a lot of people who promote psychic courses, buy into psychic businesses and decide to market themselves as psychics when they don't have a credible psychic background. This is where you have to be discerning on the internet because some of the top psychic listings are paid for by sponsored advertising or affiliate psychics (learn more about affiliate psychic businesses below). Psychic Charlatans are people who believe they can fool their customers by using false advertising, misleading business conduct etc. You need to research if a psychic is telling you the truth. Recently there has been a lot of advertising fluffery by psychics who have only just begun to do psychic readings online. If a psychic doesn't back their claims of working in the psychic field for 30 years or more, find out what they were doing before they started advertising they were a psychic. A credible psychic should be able to show a variety of psychic work, testimonials that clients have provided over the last 15 or 20 years. Anyone that writes they are a psychic and can't demonstrate their psychic background should be considered a psychic charlatan.

There are a lot of people who claim psychics are everything from counselors to chat services. Spiritually this isn't what a real psychic is. A psychic is someone who demonstrates a heightened sense of knowing from using a variety of spiritual senses they tune into. They have unique spiritual abilities which are called clairsenses. This is where words such as, clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient etc. come from.

They tap into natural senses that other people find difficult to feel or sense. Whether or not you label these psychic abilities as paranormal or metaphysical etc. is up to you. A Natural Born Psychic doesn't know a life without inner knowing. Some people have near death experiences or heightened trauma that brings on these psychic abilities. They also have to become accustomed to using a variety of new spiritual senses that seem very foreign to them. You might read about these psychics when they share their Near Death Experience (NDE) encounters.

Are they an Affiliate Psychic or Spam Directory Site?

Affiliate psychics place multiple articles and adverts in shared affiliate blog sites and they seem to do more writing than actual psychic readings. If they have the time to write 3 or more articles a day and not service a client - then you can bet your bottom $1 they are not a real psychic.

These type of psychics try to push online EPsychic courses, money making schemes, get you to sign up for FREE EPsychic books etc. They want to establish a direct relationship by getting you to provide your personal details on their site. Don't do it until you research their psychic background and find where they have placed their psychic articles around the web. If they are on suspect web sites that have domains like: "articlerichsite.com or 123articlesnatch" etc as well as other article sites steer clear of using their services. Important: These domain sites are created to highlight some of the spammy affiliate psychics, they are not real business sites.
I'm not going to use real domain sites to promote these false sites.

These sites spit out psychic articles, are published as fast as you can blink an eye. They steal other genuine psychics articles and attempt to show a level of professionalism by either cutting and pasting articles they find throughout the website or worse still, use 'word machines' to scramble articles and change the format and claim them as their own.

Some Australian and global psychic sites are abusing their customers trust by engaging in this practice and when you or I read these articles we sometimes find they don't make sense. That's because they are completely fabricated to get you to use their psychic services.

My psychic articles are being regularly snatched and turned around to promote other online psychic businesses. Some of these psychic sites are so brazen to use other psychics real life experiences as their own. They turn the story into something that is an exact replica of true psychic experiences.

All of the articles updated on my website I have personally experienced and received spiritual teachings as a young child from my spiritual guardians.

When I have people highlighting that a psychic is copying my own spiritual journey as their own I feel spiritually betrayed that someone who does something like this believes they are entitled to use my experiences as their own. Most people know where the original source came from and the loyalty of my clients who regularly find these articles and tell me cannot be underestimated. Spirit gave me enough warning of these false psychic practices that we placed all the necessary checks and balances to show original copyright content.

Another new con by big psychic business sites is to place links back to their own businesses and taking number 1 page rankings by creating Spam Directory Sites. They use a range of business categories to appear to create helpful online directory services and appear as a real business website.

The only thing is they're not, they use these sites to build up back-links for their real site. You will find hundreds of back links being updated where they direct the reader to international psychic guilds, international psychic associations etc. They are all owned by the same company. Which means they have people hired to create false domain businesses, update the articles and get the back links. They try to trick the major search engine companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing to think they are getting thousands of recommendations, when in fact they are creating their own - Karmically unethical, if you believe in the karmic law of business. They are most likely to claim hundreds of thousands of people visit their site all the time, when in fact there employees are doing all of the visiting.

Affiliate Psychics Overnight Psychic Abilities
They also waffle on about psychic ability, rather than being able to genuinely demonstrate heightened psychic skills. They write about psychic predictions but don't actually predict anything. They write psychic articles about anything you can think of. Most recently I found an article about psychic protection on an animal welfare site. Basically psychic affiliate writers bombard every affiliate blog around the world until they exhaust every subject. They only thing is affiliate psychics sometimes look foolish. They seem to try too hard and as a result of this anyone who reads their articles knows they are fabricating a lot of their psychic claims.

You will find they will claim to be born a psychic, as well as had a near death experience, as well as learned their spiritual skills from a Guru etc. Basically they use every historical case of natural psychics to try to draw an audience to their business. If I read an article where someone claimed to be Natural Born Psychic, I wouldn't expect to read another article where they claim they got their psychic ability from a NDE. WHAT THE?

Tricking the Reader by Using Key Words in Capital Letters
Sometimes fake psychics try to capture an audience by writing articles with key words in UPPER CASE. Their writings seems to be written in a way that doesn't make a lot of sense. For example: You might read something like Psychic Reading ONE Melbourne. Why do they write like this? They try to highlight key words so people click them. Nine times out of ten you wonder why you even bothered to look at their articles.

If you see psychic articles that jump all over the place and doesn't follow the basic principles of grammatical English you can be guaranteed it is an affiliate psychic. Now they are hoping you will contact them for a psychic reading. The choice as spirit says is yours...

The Psychic Affiliate Who Claims They Are Sponsored by Businesses - CON
Do they say they are being sponsored by a variety of businesses - are they really selling courses, money making products etc.?

Psychic affiliates have a new con to say they are being sponsored by businesses, when in fact they are only selling affiliate products that they earn money from. The psychic will have a web page that has articles on their site and have on the side of their webpage attractive looking advert boxes that has a title like: Sponsored advertising.

Sponsored advertising my 'spiritual-arse', they are conning the reader to promote themselves to be more than what they are. If they just updated a lot of online courses, EPsychicCourses, Money Making schemes etc. on their own, they would probably have people cottoning on a lot earlier. They try to trick the reader to believe they are more than what they are by writing about celebrities, name-drop, etc.

Why aren't they honest with their customers? Good question. Why aren't they able to state I earn money from selling the latest money making venture, psychic help books, EPsychic courses and EPsychic Books for other affiliates etc.? If a psychic can't be honest about their product services, don't be surprised if they're less than honest in doing psychic readings. Be discerning.
There is one thing I've learned from this industry and that is a small percentage of psychics are the real thing and the rest aren't. Sorry, but that's the truth.

Psychic Testimonials - Does the Psychic Provide Genuine Testimonials

Vine only accepts legal binding client testimonials and provides copies for prospective clients if they want genuine proof of her psychic ability. Some psychics are scamming their clients into believing clients place photographs next to their client testimonials. They normally look for accessible photos on the web and update these photos to create false psychic names next to psychic profiles.

There are some psychic organizations that are genuinely updating their real psychics photos (great), most don't.
When you look at the variety of photos indicating culture, age, and demographics you might think that lady looks really attractive, or that woman looks really knowledgeable. Guess what you fell for their trap. They try to make their webpages full of the "beautiful people" because they believe this is what sells. Be discerning. If everyone looks a little too perfect, that's because they are.

Would you want your friend or family member to know you contacted a psychic? No. Then why are there so many psychic sites showing images of people claiming to have a psychic reading with 'said psychic'? Most people are looking for privacy when they contact a psychic site,
the new advertising con used by psychic businesses is to proclaim said client raved about their psychic readings and to have a gorgeous photo of a young up-and-coming woman who is happy to put her face next to their testimonial. It's the biggest con in the world to grab a photo and place it next to a testimonial. Would you be prepared to put your photo next to a testimonial? Make a point of looking at the web page to find if the psychics and client testimonials are really what they seem.

Know What You Want From the Psychic Reading
Be really clear about what type of psychic reading you want. If you want a tarot reading then look for an entertainment psychic. Entertainment psychics use a variety of tools to help them with psychic readings. They very rarely have real natural psychic abilities. Spiritual Psychics don't use any form of modality - they are naturally gifted and can tune into your life issues without you having to give any information. Vine is a Natural Born Psychic Medium and uses a spiritual breath technique to tune into your aura.

Write a List of the Questions You Seek Guidance About Before Your Psychic Reading
If you want a psychic reading about romance, relationships, career, family issues etc. write down the questions you seek guidance about. If you want a general reading that covers all areas of your life then make sure the psychic reading follows the real areas you want help with. Never share too much information with the psychic on why you are calling. Specify you want to concentrate on your relationship etc. You need to know they have the abilities they claim to advertise. Don't be sidetracked by questions being poured out to you.

Psychic Online Readings Payments Over the Internet or By Phone - Check if the Psychic is a Reputable Psychic or Business Before Handing Over Credit Card Details
This is more common sense than anything else. There are a lot of psychics who are offering 25c a minute readings, $1 a minute readings etc. the list goes on. They seem to think by offering cheap psychic readings that people will ignore the other factors in checking their credentials etc.

DON'T purchase any psychic reading over the phone or on the internet before you check they are a genuine psychic business. If they use PayPal/equivalent merchant or bank then check with the company first before you book a reading. Why? There are a lot of online psychic businesses emerging that are scam sites. They come from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, India, Singapore etc. BE CAREFUL!

Important: Privacy Concerns - Make Sure a Psychic Doesn't Record Your Psychic Reading Information for Future Reference or Place You On a Mailing List
Before booking an online phone psychic reading check the privacy statement and terms of reference of the psychic business. Check and see if your phone calls are not recorded or the psychic updates all of your private details on a data base unless you specifically agree to this. Why? Some psychic businesses are known to share client information and therefore look to be accurate psychics - they however have read your previous client details and used this to show a level of expertise. Don't be fooled. Ask the psychic do you record my psychic reading details?

Check Out the Psychic Disclaimer - Does the Psychic claim their articles and readings are only for entertainment only?
If they do you have found a psychic business that isn't really a credible psychic. Most businesses will place a statement for legal reasons to avoid having to deal with a disgruntled client later on. Do your homework and check if the site has a Psychic Disclaimer.

Caution: Avoid elaborate claims from psychic reading lines. The amount of scam advertising material with false claims is intensifying and these are the type of things you need to be wary of:
  • Returning Your Lover Back to You,
  • #1 Love Specialist Reunites Lovers,
  • I Will Solve All Your Love Problems I Never Fail
  • Attract Love into your Life
  • We will read his thoughts and tell you how to win him over.
  • Increase your luck by using my lucky charm
Yuck! This is spiritually something a genuine psychic wouldn't claim and this type of advertising is trying to attract someone who is emotionally vulnerable. Without doubt this type of advertising is linked into entertainment psychic companies and psychics. STEER CLEAR!

Have an Open Mind When You Have a Psychic Reading, but don't be Gullible
Once you have found a genuine psychic, checked their privacy statement and identified they're a credible business you now have to speak with your psychic and allow them to provide psychic guidance. Allow the psychic to introduce themselves and tell you how they do their reading. Follow the previous tips, don't share too much information and ask them to look at a specific area you require guidance on. If they ask whether you can identify with what they are being shown state either 'yes' or 'no'. Don't let a psychic talk you around to sharing so much information that it seems like you are having a chat. Psychic Chat is another way of saying we're not a genuine psychic. Steer clear of any psychic or business that refers to themselves as Psychic Chat or counselors.

REMEMBER: A psychic is meant to be someone who has extra-sensory psychic abilities, hence the reason why they are called a psychic.

To learn more about Vine's unique psychic reading breath technique please watch the video below.
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