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Old 05-22-2011, 11:28 PM
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Default Psychics aren't allowed to predict death - Universal Laws

I had a psychic reading in which a client asked me, "Can you tell me when I'm going to die?" I politely replied to my phone client that I work under the Universal Laws and therefore I'm not able to discuss when someone is going to die.

She then stated, "But I've phoned other online psychics and a gypsy told me that I would die in my 80's."

I've previously shared there are many people who falsely profess to have a wide range of psychic talents so they can build up a public profile in the media and attract customers to their businesses.

Some people are spiritually gifted and can offer genuine psychic help. However, there are a lot of scams occurring in the market designed mostly to create a famous identity for the psychic. This clearly does not harmonise with what spiritual work really stands for. Spirit considers we are all One and doesn't recognize celebrity status.

An authentic psychic or medium will not share your death date with you. Nor, for that matter will they publicly describe that a person in ill health is close to dying. They would know, that by predicting a death or illness that this would be instantly recorded in the Akashic Record and therefore any action that did not honor self would create karmic repercussions to their own energetic field.

Psychics who work for the greater good, have the knowing that the karma of life and death is sacred and therefore isn't for the benefit of entertainment, commercialism or self-aggrandizement.

I caution anyone who has a psychic clairvoyant reading to be discerning when they read publicity stunts in the media about life and death and to come to an awareness why our life force is considered to be omnipresent and a truth that is known to the individual spirit that chose to experience life on earth. They choose their own life experiences and the Spirit is also agreeable to the way they will die.

Psychic Entertainment is fine, as long as you honor the spiritual laws of the work you have chosen to do to help people get to a place of greater awareness. Any less than that isn't serving the psychic well.

Be true to self!
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