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Old 03-10-2011, 04:25 PM
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Default Why Psychic Detectives and Psychic Profilers shouldn't directly contact missing family cases

True Story 2010 - Australian Aboriginal Woman dreams of finding body (video)

Archive: Blog post article

Reminder: Before contacting missing person families about your psychic premonitions please read archive article and watch link at the end of the page.

Love and Light

I am writing this article because I receive a lot of calls on my psychic line about people who believe they've had a psychic premonition about someoneís murder.

They share with me that they believe it is their duty to seek out the family and friends of the departed loved ones and to share detailed information about the passing, which can be painful and sometimes even horrific or gruesome for the family and friends who are already dealing with their grief. Spiritually I am guided to tell them that unless a family member or loved one contacts them personally, then they are invading another person's spiritual space and it may cause further trauma to the bereaved.

It seems to be a common occurrence within the spiritual field that psychics are openly approaching families, friends or even making videos of their psychic premonitions, without taking into consideration how painful this is to the people they are trying to help.

Psychic Detectives have to earn their spiritual stripes. They place their integrity and privacy on the line when they approach the police force and use their clairsenses to help in a missing person case or an unsolved murder. The Police have had to build up a long history of trust with the Psychic Detective assisting them, and the psychic must have successfully and factually demonstrated and helped the police with forensic evidence, missing person locations etc.

Families or loved ones who have themselves sought out the spiritual services of a psychic, are more likely to be psychologically prepared to deal with the stress of what might be revealed.

Authentic Psychic Detectives and spiritual mediums are not inclined to knock on someoneís door uninvited and introduce themselves, nor would they cold call and attempt to speak to the grieving parent or family member as is sometimes depicted in fictional movies and television shows such as Ghost Whisperer, Medium, etc. These fictional interpretations do not accurately portray how a spiritual medium works and are designed to sensationalize and draw in a larger television or movie audience.

A genuine spiritual medium who has credible psychic skills is more likely to place their name with the police force and share that they have the spiritual ability to empathically tune into violent situations, clairsentiently feel the emotions and feelings of the person who has passed or as a medium can clairaudiently speak directly to the departed and share the information they are being given.

Do the recently departed talk about their own death and how they died? Yes they do, they share the feelings and regrets of their death and sometimes will even guide a medium to the location of their passing and share physical representations of those involved.

These mediums are gifted and have a great deal of spiritual intelligence and wisdom, and through the guidance of spirit will not interfere with another personís grief or pain.

However, there are some in the psychic industry who feel it is their duty to openly declare they have been given visions of a persons death, they will declare they know what happened and proceed to promote themselves in a way that is not becoming of anyone who works in the spiritual field. Spirit guides that this has a lot to do with ego, a psychic wanting to stand out from the rest of the crowd. These psychics have failed to see that we are all one. Sometimes the celebrity psychic status is the motivating factor on why they are inclined to rush in. Spiritually we are all here with our own learning's and we need to understand that we are all here to be of service to one another.

If you work in the spiritual field we want to know your opinion about some of these psychic practices. Maybe you are someone who has grieved the loss of a family member or friend and been approached by someone claiming to be a psychic and wanting to help you. We also want to hear your opinion about whether this was beneficial or a hindrance.

In the meantime if you have a dream about someoneís murder or missing person status, and in your heart you feel that you must do something about it, contact the police in your local area and donít approach any family members etc. unless they seek you out.

And remember that most people are not open minded to psychic and mediumship abilities, so therefore be careful whom you approach and how you approach them. Also note that the Australian police force does not officially recognize information from psychics.

We thank the following reliable sources for information:

Please click this link and watch video and return to our forum to add a comment.

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