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Old 04-02-2009, 01:47 PM
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Arrow Melbourne Vine Psychic Readings - Latest News...

In the loving energy of Oneness, my blessings to you all,

In 2012 I'll be entering my 30th year of doing professional spiritual readings and also turning fifty years old (50 and proud). I worked on one of the first Australian Psychic Lines and all up I've worked for about 8 Australian companies before doing readings overseas. I initially did personal readings only, but at spiritís request I began helping people on the psychic lines. Here are a few of the psychic organizations I've worked for: Eugene Picinotti (now deceased), Kerry Kulkens (now deceased) Psychics Connect (still going strong in the UK).

I later moved away from working on other peopleís lines at the bidding of Spirit and started my own psychic readings line in order to stay true to my spiritual ideology and philosophy. There are some psychic organization horror stories I could relate here, but thankfully I am content operating my own business and I'm able to look back at the times I wasn't being paid my full wage, or being docked $700 for missing a call, as something that karma will take care of.

Iím honored to have my connection with spirit and I love being a spiritual medium. It is an enriching experience to be able to do readings for people from many different cultural and religious backgrounds. I would like to thank my Australian and overseas clients for your steadfast loyalty, friendly emails and for taking the time to write a testimonial or two. Your loyalty is greatly acknowledged and valued.

Love and Light

Before I share all of the latest news from last month, I want to thank all of my clients for their loyalty, support and recommending me to their family and friends throughout the year. I know that a lot of my regular clients are having to be patient waiting for bookings and I thank you for being understanding and for your generous feedback.

Some of you have been very helpful and offered great tips on how I can improve some of our spiritual services and I welcome your contribution and have changed a lot of procedures and policies to streamline our booking process. I also want to extend a big thank you to my members and staff who have gone that extra mile in following up breaches of copyright and sharing their wisdom with our growing community. I am so grateful for your help and big hugs to all of you who have shared in our spiritual and environmental vision.

For new clients who have placed their trust in my spiritual ability I say thank you for seeking a psychic reading and allowing Spirit to reach out to you from the higher realms. I want to wish you all a harmonious Christmas with your family and friends and joy for the 2012 New Year. You are all in my heart and mean the world to me.

We're Getting Busier Each Month...
It is a busy start to the month with a lot of overseas psychic reading bookings from the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand. Throw in my regular Australian wonderful clients and it makes for an exciting month thus far.

We have a lot of clients who normally phone the 1902 242 800 Phone line in Australia using the PayPal facilities for the first time. With a great deal of patience, we are managing to move the bookings along within a 24 - 48 hour period. For clients waiting for me to go online on the 1900 number thank you for your patience.

Clients Requesting Urgent Readings
I will attempt to move urgent client readings forward, but what some clients consider urgent may not be what Spirit considers to be urgent. Please ask yourself before requesting an urgent reading why are my questions more urgent than another clients? If you have a missing person, or pet , have lost important paperwork, need help dealing with a safety issue or legal matter or possible ethereal health condition that would be classed as spiritually urgent.

If I'm unable to fit you in immediately for an urgent reading I apologize for the delays, we try to push through readings, but because I'm being recommended by friends and family members the reading ratio is rising. Never doubt that when I do get to you, you will get a valued psychic reading.

The credit card bookings are cleared first before I place the Australian psychic reading line on. Therefore the fact that some clients called back over 4 times is greatly appreciated and your loyalty is something I don't take for granted. (Vine's 1902 242 800 line call costs $4.95 per min GST incl. extra mobiles/pay Monessa Gulf)

Vine Psychic Line - New Web design Changes
We are in the process of changing our web design to accommodate the new technology that people are using and I welcome your feedback on how our layout can be more user-friendly to match your iphones, ipads etc.

Copyright Infringement - Why We're Getting Stricter in 2012
I would like to thank my customers for their steadfast loyalty in helping detect Vine Psychic Line predictions, articles and blog content on other business sites in 2011. Some people have been having readings with me for over 20 years or more and they have gone out of their way to stop some of the misleading practices of competitive businesses. I will continue to take action against any individual or business that misuses our material for their own commercial gain. If in doubt about our terms of use go to:

We hired a lawyer this year to follow up any competitor misleading conduct and will continue to use their services if someone believes they can work around our policy for their own commercial gains. I was spiritually guided to act after issuing several warnings to competitor websites who didn't take our concerns to heart. It is quite possible we will be doing a 'sign-on website' soon to stop scraper sites and competitors feeling like they can hide behind proxies before scraping our entire website. If you are an independent psychic yourself, I suggest you also look for ways to stop the major psychic companies abusing fair trading conditions.

What's happening in the coming months...
You will notice over the next couple of months I'm not going to be able to take on as many personal readings as I've done in the past because I will be releasing my book. I've been given more spiritual insight about the direction our spiritual business is going, but I'm going to surprise people when it is a finished product. For this reason, if you find some web pages looking incomplete, changing in design it is all to do with what is going on in the background.

Vine Psychic Line - 1900 Hours
Just to reiterate the information I placed in the Newsletter from January 2011 I am trying to accommodate all of my clients in Australia and globally. Therefore I
am going to offer certain hours dedicated to online bookings and also try to accommodate my 1900 phone reading clients. During the day I will be dedicating most of my time to servicing Australian and international and online credit card bookings. During the evening I will be placing the Australian 1900 premium service on. This way it allows my clients to choose which booking method they would like to use.

Anyone who has had a reading with me before knows that I don't have to be face-to-face with a client to tune into your current situation. Spirit is able to use me as a Medium, as a direct conduit using a breath technique over the phone. It also is a good way of preventing people traveling long distances in their cars and therefore helping our environment.

Online Psychic Bookings - Make Sure you fill in all requested details

In the meantime I would appreciate if clients would make sure when booking an online psychic reading that they provide all of the required administrative information.

Administration double handling is causing a backlog and holding up client bookings. When you book and pay online, please make sure you provide the correct email address, phone number and time and date for your reading.

We have several PayPal payments without any client booking information and refund the payments.
Vine Psychic Line changed our policy to ensure client bookings were being serviced efficiently and long drawn out administration processes were ironed out. Customers who fail to provide genuine information will have to seek refunds directly from PayPal. Anyone using another persons credit card for a booking will be required to deal with PayPal directly.

Credit Card Readings

Last month was extremely busy with credit card bookings and administrative inquiries
(probably due to the Christmas rush). The good news is that the new discounted credit card booking process has been received well by clients. We have been able to speed up client bookings and are now referring new client inquiries to Vine's spiritually inspired video (see above). It has been created to give a better understanding of Vine's unique style of reading and it is also recommended that you utilize the FAQís section on the website.

You can also learn more about Vine's spiritual background and refer to previous client testimonials.

The bookings page has been upgraded and there is now a more user-friendly 2-step-booking form. You'll be able to nominate whether you want a morning, afternoon or evening booking, and nominate the day of the week. This should stop the overlapping of emails and simplify the booking process. Book a credit card reading with Vine here:

Please note unless there is a confirmed booking via PayPal Vine will not be able to respond to personal emails

Voice Mail Messages - If Vine is Booked on a Client Call
There are now 2 voice messages you will hear if I'm already on a call.
1. Voice Message for credit card bookings is: "Vine is presently unavailable.... please call back later" (The credit card booking is popular for overseas clients and due to time differences is popular during the daytime).
2. Voice Message for Australian 1902 242 800 Line is: "Vine is presently on another call.....please call back later" (The Australian only 1902 242 800 line is popular during the later afternoon and evening, this would be the best time to contact Vine)
Also, if I'm on another call I will be unable to answer the customer service mobile phone line. I answer all client calls personally and am therefore unable to always immediately respond to your inquiries.

November 2011 Winner... Vine's Free Psychic Reading is...
I am happy to announce that November's winner is
*Mariko, from Melbourne Australia as last monthís credit card winner you will receive a free 20 minute psychic line reading.

Winners can accept a free psychic/mediumship reading or elect a family member of their choice.

Congratulations Mariko!

Please note this offer only applies to people who book a discounted Credit Card Reading from: This offer does not apply to Vine's Australian 1900 psychic line calls.

Offer redeemable for one month after being notified.
*Please note: Winners details remain confidential.

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