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Old 02-10-2012, 11:13 AM
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Red face Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Reputable psychic mediums from all over the world are not providing email psychic readings for their Australian or international customers.


Simply because a lot of email customers have been burnt by people pretending to have psychic qualifications and only referring to their customers online social network information to write responses about psychic questions.

There are more charlatan psychics online then there are genuine reputable psychics.


New technology is now attracting people to claim they can provide accurate psychic email readings simply because they can find all of your online personal details or try to entice as much information out of you about your current situation.

Psychic readers can get access to social network information on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. simply by updating your first and last name on a search engine.

Q: How easy is it for a fake psychic or online scam to steal your personal identity these days, or use your personal information on the internet?

A: Extremely easy. Let's look at what most email psychic readers request customers provide:
  1. A photo of yourself or anyone you want the psychic to give you information about.
  2. Your first and last name
  3. Your birth date
  4. Your banking details
  5. What questions do you want the online psychic reader to concentrate on? Some online psychic reading companies direct you to categories like: Relationship, Family, Work, Business.
  6. A lot of online psychics will use sales tactics which include: "good email readers require their customers to be specific. Make sure you share as much information as you can so I can provide the most accurate email reading".
  7. You will be enticed by advertising wording like 'email psychic readings are the quickest way to get your psychic reading'. This is a business sales tactic. You can get phone readings equally as fast, and not provide any information to psychics.
"Can I be completely honest with you? No genuine psychic medium requires that much information."

Now, take a step back and look at all of the information you would have to give to an online psychic that is failing to provide credible proof of being a real psychic.

Would you provide that information to anyone who walked up to you on the street?

That's a lot of personal information to write on a form and anybody who is computer literate with a criminal background, or pretending to be a psychic, can access and use it for their own benefit.

Reputable psychic mediums don't want to have anything to do with email psychic readings because they know they don't have to use online information to tune into their clients real issues.

Most spiritual psychics will share why they are not offering psychic reading responses via email or video and openly share with their clients they believe anyone can pretend to be a psychic with all of your personal information in front of them.

They would even advise customers to steer clear of video psychic readings because you are showing your face, revealing your body language to the person on the other line and anyone who is a salesperson or con artist can use this information without a second thought.

Just take a moment to reflect on the information I've provided for you to consider. Check if other reputable mediums write in a similar vein as I've done to caution you about seeking email psychic readings online.

If you believe the information I've shared with you is logical then share it with your friends, family and colleagues and become more alert about seeking help from psychics who shout they can provide the most accurate email readings.

Contact them on the phone. Check if you only give them your first name and don't reveal any other information at the start of your reading if they try to coerce more information from you.

You will know if the psychic is legitimate if they start to reveal genuine insightful spiritual guidance with only your name.

You can be 100% sure if you are being asked by a psychic why you are calling, what is your star sign or any other open questions, that you have more than likely contacted a psychic chat line or a person pretending to be psychic.

If you follow the guide I've provided about email psychic readers you will not get financially or emotionally burnt by anybody on the internet.

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Below article by Vine is a guide about why reputable psychic mediums are not offering email psychic readings to their global customers. Get the psychic help you spiritually deserve.

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Old 05-18-2012, 02:18 PM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Why Genuine Psychics and Mediums Steer Clear of Offering Email Readings

This is the warning a lot of governments around the world are sharing with the public about social media being used by clever con artists and criminals to get access to your personal information.

Government Warning about Online Scam Artists Using Your Social Media Information:

This is why I've been spiritually guiding readers to not use any psychic business on the internet who are still offering email psychic readings.

Genuine psychics don't offer email psychic readings because they don't need to have any initial information about the reasons why you want psychic guidance.

Now that social networks are being regularly used by sales con artists and sales affiliates to infiltrate the PSYCHIC MIND SPIRIT arena you have to be clever about the way you manage your personal information.

A lot of online psychics are failing to move with the times and still wanting customers to trust them with their personal details. They are enticing you to sign up for newsletters etc. This information in the wrong hands could cause you to have approaches from money making scheme psychics, buy my Amazon products psychics etc. You have to err on the side of caution with your private details now. Be responsible for your own online transactions and do not share a lot of information with people or businesses you don't really know.

I have been working in the Australian and international psychic field for 30 years and I can share with you that there is absolutely no reason why a legitimate psychic business isn't able to incorporate more ethical customer psychic services - including removing psychic email services to ensure they really are credible. If a psychic is genuine they will not need to offer email psychic services anymore.

A lot of sales people pretending to be psychic have successfully used email psychic readings to help them build up credibility in the Psychic Mind Spirit field because YOU reveal why you need a psychic reading.

They are the same psychics who try to groom their customers at the start of a phone psychic reading to reveal personal information (refer to previous psychic blog article here).

They need your information to show a respectable front. The way they will start a psychic reading is by requesting your birth date, your horoscope sign, asking why you are calling them etc.

The way they entice you to provide your personal information in an email psychic reading is by prompting you to provide specific information why you need a psychic reading. This is how con artists refer to this information and check your social network info.

Be careful of any Australian psychics pushing email psychic services, because the chances are you are dealing with similar type of sales con artists.

Overseas readers check on your local or State/Federal government websites about the cautions they are providing to their citizens about similar type of social networks scams that are rampant online.

Be more clued up using your social networks. Real psychics exist and can offer spiritual guidance without you having to spoon-feed them. Psychic con artists need your information to either use cold call sales tactics, sell your private details or worse still try to sell money making schemes. BE CAREFUL!

Love and Light
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Old 05-20-2012, 03:35 PM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Why Genuine Psychics and Mediums Steer Clear of Offering Email Readings

This video shows you how to identify a psychic scam artist

Watch this video. This is what is happening in the psychic industry NOW because there is no regulation about WHO can provide psychic services. In Australia, in particular, the government is failing the public by not incorporating some type of licensing or regulation for Australian psychics.

The Australian public doesn't have any transparent independent organization monitoring the psychic industry. Unlike the UK and the US where psychics have to be licensed and follow strong regulation the sales sharks have been able to fall under the radar by claiming they are psychic and engaging in the scams described in the above video.

The Australian public aren't able to identify reputable psychics from sales sharks who have set up shop as online email psychics and phone psychics.

The video highlights how affinity psychic scam sharks try to build a rapport with their customers by finding out why people are seeking psychic readings and then they market their business by using keywords on search engines to attract new customers.

As the man in the video indicates, you have to be careful about anyone you are seeking psychic help from. Check if they try to engage you in a conversation to find out information about your personal circumstances. Genuine psychics don't need any information so will not try to charm information out of you.

Does your psychic try to get you to sign up for newsletters or meet up with them? Are they trying to entice you to upload their website details onto your blogs or business web site. This is a way they push themselves up the search rankings and Google is currently penalizing businesses that are engaging in these shoddy business practices. If a business is reviewing itself, or asking a network associate to review their business - then the testimonial isn't worth reading.

These spiritual beings are enticed by greed and will use the spiritual psychic arts as a way of infiltrating the market to get to YOU. Anyone that is selling hypnotherapy tapes, psychic spells, magic charms move away from them. They aren't following the Universal Laws and trying to manipulate them for their own selfish reasons. Be true to thyself, is one of the greatest lessons you can learn in life. When you are not being true, karma will immediately attract.

Refer to this video to find out about whether your psychic is in an affiliate sales network and follow the tips provided by the man on the video. You can only act when you know what to look out for. Ethical psychic businesses will help you understand which psychics are genuine and which psychics are sales sharks using the psychic title to entice you to their money making sales web.

Love and Light
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Old 05-24-2012, 01:40 PM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Why Genuine Psychics and Mediums Steer Clear of Offering Email Readings

Stop Press: Vine's Media Release about Sales Sharks falsely entering the psychic field

Vine's media release warning the Australian public on the dangers of affinity schemers entering the psychic market.

The advantages of having an email psychic reading are now not worth it after so many affinity schemers are setting themselves up as online psychics.

A lot of genuine psychics now have to come to terms that Email psychic readings have to be phased out of the online psychic business service mix.

Credible psychic businesses will have to come up with more secure ways of doing psychic readings for their Australian and world customers.

Social Networks Change Everything

Now that you're regularly conversing on social networks you have to be more aware that your information can be known to sales sharks who are setting themselves up as overnight psychics. Affinity sales sharks are also hitting the hypnotherapy industry, life coach industry, counseling industry.

Several governments around the world are warning their constituents about online scams . Most of the new scams are originating from social media networks.

What Should You Look Out For

Affinity psychics ooze charm with ease. They come from a variety of sales backgrounds and their aim is to infiltrate as many industries as they can to earn income from selling a variety of products.

Affinity schemers have no scruples when they want to reach a demographic audience. They target community groups, religious organizations and try to befriend people to sell money making products.

Church groups, sports clubs and even Meet Up Groups have been burnt by affinity schemers throughout the world. They present as great communicators and good listeners and go that extra mile to impress their new found friends on how nice they are. A lot of people will describe them as the most loving and generous person they ever knew. That is all an act because when the serpent strikes look out.

There are a lot of victims around the world that have have been badly burnt financially and mentally because of these unscrupulous sales sharks. They reveal their own 1-on-1 experiences with affinity sharks to stop other people having a similar type of encounter as themselves (refer to link sources at end of this article).

Check For Keywords

Affinity sales sharks are now more likely to be found online because they use keyword advertising to draw customers towards them.

The affinity schemers have now infiltrated the online psychic market and are presenting as charming, down to earth, considerate psychics.

The words I've outlined above are just some of the ways they will describe themselves. Those words have been cleverly selected from a wide range of keywords to draw their customers towards them. They select these social keywords because they want to appear like your best friend.

Some other keywords examples might be how they will use keywords like good psychic email reading, or informative email psychic reading. They go through the whole English dictionary finding words before they even write their expert psychic articles.

They write in a similar way as expert article sites. They place a lot of their keywords in uppercase so you read them before anything else.


The reason why they do this is because they want you to see the keyword before you view another psychic site. It is similar to a spider waiting patiently on its newly spun web to entice a fly. Unfortunately dear readers you are the fly.

You might notice the difference in their style of writing from a person who has real expertise in the field. Sales psychics will write articles in the second person.

An example of this would be: “Many Melbourne psychics are on top of their spiritual expertise. Like me they offer a wide range of psychic services that offer you comfort and support when you need it most.”

If you and I read something written like this we immediately identify the written material doesn't make sense. It is designed to draw specific people who are vulnerable, needing assurance or attempting to find their way in life.

The writing definitely wouldn't pass for a professional writer or a real published author. I can guarantee that if someone visited their website who is an expert in their field, they would identify the writer has no expertise whatsoever about what they are writing about.

They can easily be spotted when you check their websites. Affinity psychics go over the top with their fake psychic reviews and even use keywords that genuine customers would never use in a blue fit.

If you get a chance to watch the video I've updated about affinity schemers you might identify behind all of the charm and gloss there is a ruthless saleswoman or salesman attempting to build up a rapport with you.


Nearly every online service business can be falsely replicated by an over confident affinity sales shark.

How much information do you provide?

Are you currently providing a lot of information to a psychic reader for them to give you some type of psychic insight about your current situation?


Are you doing this before you have the reading with the psychic?


You need to refer to Vine's media release about why you have to be more consumer savvy when it comes to booking an online psychic email reading or phone psychic reading. This might help you identify who you're really having a psychic reading with.

Love and Light

Read Vine's latest public media release here:
Vine's media release dated 2012 has been removed by the online business. It is suspected the media release company has deliberately removed the press release because it makes revenue from sponsored advertisements directly related to online psychic chat companies.

If they are removing press releases warning the public about scam psychic sites, what message are they relaying to the public about transparency? Ask yourself why a media release company has deliberately removed media about scam psychic sites. We'll leave it up to the public to make your own mind up about psychic email scam information directly related to criminal elements being taken down without informing Vine Psychic Reading Line. Personally, we are not surprised.

Further information on Affinity Scams

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above article by Vine is a guide about why reputable psychic mediums are not offering email psychic readings to their global customers. Get the psychic help you spiritually deserve.
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Old 05-28-2012, 12:24 PM
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Default Psychic email fraudsters - 10 tips to spot a fake psychic


What you described in your earlier post about psychics directing customers to click on advertising for Adwords is called click fraud.

Anyone pushing their customers to click their web pages and directing them to sales products for the purpose of getting paid for the click should be reported to Google or the company they are advertising the product for.

It is considered a crime. Which is why it is called click fraud.

I was curious about the trend for online psychics to meet and greet their online customers. It would seem the friendly chat is a little more sinister then you might have originally believed. if a sales person is directing you throughout their website and getting you to click sponsored advertising from a different ip address it is considered to be click fraud. It is a deliberate attempt to get paid a commission for the clicks falsely generated from people.

Check the latest Wikipedia article about this sales tactic.

Wikipedia article about click fraud.

I wanted to do a summary of all the things we know about these fake psychics:
  1. pretend to be psychic and don't reveal true business reputation
  2. use charm, compliment and coerce information out of customers to look psychic
  3. write their own psychic testimonials and reviews to show fake reputation
  4. link share with other get rich quick affiliates to increase their rankings (have link web pages)
  5. scrape content from genuine psychic sites to rewrite and show false psychic reputation
  6. Sell Amazon, Google Adwords products only, but try to show a respectable front by claiming they can do email readings and phone psychic readings
  7. Update fake business addresses and only use PO Box's or virtual business offices in the CBD and in the suburbs
  8. Meet and greet to coerce their customers why they don't do general psychic readings
  9. saturate the web on article share sites like Ezine articles, Article Snatch, Hotfrog, True Local to direct customers to their own websites
  10. AdSense click fraud where Google advertising customers have to pay for clicks to Google for their advertising from a competitive psychic who is earning commission by getting their customer to click it
So far, that's 10 things we are aware of that fraudulent psychics do and the list will keep on growing as more things come to light from dissatisfied customers who are reporting them.

This is definitely breaking laws in Australia and possibly internationally. I would recommend if you have had a psychic reading with any business in Australia or the world that you know are engaging in these practices that you report them to the Australian and Competition and Consumer Commission or the equivalent in your own town.

The ACCC have already know they exist because they recently won a court appeal against Google

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Default Re: Psychic Email Click Fraud

Gosh, I never knew such a thing existed. I was reading your entry on my lunch break and your summary of psychic fraud was excellent. I also did a bit of research on my own wanting to know more about click fraud.

It seems this is more common than I knew about and obviously Google and some of the companies that use Adwords must already be aware of this. I found several sites that are writing about how machines click adwords and also how businesses hire people in third world countries to click adwords and earn large commissions for fraudulent businesses. The mind boggles. Well it's their karma.

Here's some extra links I found about clickfraud:

SEO Niche Marketing Explained:

PR Web
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Old 07-10-2012, 12:08 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Hello Vine,

Have you seen the Australian governments warning about online fraud and why they are now sending out letters to all Australians about protecting their banking details?

It justifies everything you have been sharing with your readers about why email psychic readings are easily a great front for criminals trying to get information.

They are saying the growth of the internet is now attracting fraudsters and Australia is being targeted by criminals.

Thank goodness you have been forewarning your readers and customers about your spiritual visions and sending out a decisive message to be careful of the amount of information you are giving to businesses.

Most Australian's have you to thank for all of the work you have been doing to stop people becoming victims to online psychic criminals. I haven't found any other psychic who is writing about this.

You are the best Vine and should hold your head up high. You are doing a great job speaking out about the lack of security that is online. Hopefully more people are coming to realize they found your media release just in time.

I did try to call you on your phone psychic reading line but you were on another client call.


ABC Online
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Old 07-10-2012, 10:30 AM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Hello Soiree,

What you have updated is similar to some of the reports that we are receiving from Australian and world customers. Although this is more directed to people who are contacted by professional criminals to get to their superannuation.

The most important thing you have to do, is not provide your personal information or photographs to psychic email sites.

Avoid any business asking you to sign up for free newsletters, or requesting a lot of your personal information.

Research a business and read their terms and conditions, privacy statement or disclaimer to identify why they are offering email psychic readings.

If you find a psychic business is saturating the search engines about love email readings, relationship email readings, free email readings etc. and find they are saturating the search engine sites be extremely cautious clicking their site. There are a lot of phishing links being left on social networks by directory sites that try to force fake psychics up the search engines. If they are found before real psychic businesses they believe they will attract customers towards them. Phishing is now prevalent on the website and I recommend readers check the recent data on Wikipedia to know what these scams actually are and why you need to be careful about giving your personal information to any online business before you research their business credentials.

Here's more about phishing, click the link:

Entertainment Psychic Disclaimer
Entertainment psychic disclaimers should send out a warning to anyone thinking they are getting a real email psychic reading and finding the psychic or psychic business is claiming to be an entertainment psychic.

The most important thing you have highlighted is how easy it is for criminals to get access to your personal information on the internet when you go into fake websites and are enticed by free email readings etc.

It is up to a customer to not purchase an email psychic reading before finding out more about the business.

I was spiritually guided scam artists were going to hit the internet in the thousands and that's why we do not get our customers to sign up for newsletters, and they also are responsible for their own booking details. Therefore we eliminate any security risk.

Another helpful thing to do is to check if the psychic address is legitimate. A lot of fake psychics will direct you to a fake address where they collect their mail. If you are being forwarded to PO boxes etc. be forewarned there is a reason why..

REFER TO IS IT A SCAM? on government websites:

Good pick up Soiree,

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Old 07-11-2012, 06:58 AM
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Angry Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Thanks Vine,

Have a look at the latest controversy about the Australian Psychic Association. Someone is going into Wikipedia and changing all of the previous critical comments about the psychic show the One and the finger is being pointed in one direction. Take a guess where?

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Old 07-21-2012, 12:59 PM
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Thumbs up Free Email Psychic Readings

This email psychic reading article might help readers understand why you should be extremely cautious with your private information when booking an online psychic reading.

There are a lot of free psychic reading offers on Twitter and Facebook and Psychic Mind Spirit websites.

Have you ever taken the time to ponder what happens with your personal information when it gets in the wrong hands?

You should.

There are now thousands of online psychics who are falsely using the 'psychic' title to reach new customers.

They fall into two categories:

  • Sales people who come from a variety of sales and business backgrounds who pose as psychic mind spirit practitioners.
  • Criminals who witness that sales people can access your personal information and do exactly the same thing as celebrity psychics, psychics to the stars, astrology experts etc.
They need your personal information so they appear psychic.

How many of you are checking the credentials of your online psychic before you sign up for newsletters, Ecourses, or special Facebook psychic offers?

Are you aware that sales people and criminals are now posing as psychics because they believe you are gullible and will tell them all the information they need to know.

Do you fill in email questionnaires which ask you to tick whether you want a relationship, family, business, or work email psychic reading?

Do you fill in a lot of detail telling a psychic everything about the reasons why you want an email reading? Are you being enticed to free email or phone psychic readings on Facebook and Twitter?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions you need to read my latest psychic blog article.

It shares how you are unknowingly allowing schemers to get access to your personal information.

You might think friending a psychic on Facebook is perfectly harmless. I share with you how you are allowing fake psychics to infiltrate the PSYCHIC MIND SPIRIT field and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Are you aware that 70 percent of online businesses are scams?

I'm sure this information might come as a shock, but if you are being enticed by free E-mail psychic reading offers you might become a victim of identify fraud.

There are so many reasons why you need to view my latest spiritual article.
  • You will immediately identify if you are innocent victim of a clever sales scam artist.
  • You will see how your own user computer and website behavior allows fake psychics to stay in business.
  • You will also be given step-by-step advice to rectify any security and privacy shortfalls on your social networks.

To read the educational spiritual article about free email psychic reading offers go to:


Please tell us if you have been friended by a Australian or world psychic on your Facebook account.

We want to know how many psychics and lightworkers have access to your personal information.

Are you using your Facebook privacy settings to stop them accessing your personal details? If not, why not?

Can you see why it is ironic that a psychic is able to know your personal information before you have a psychic reading?

Are you getting spam from psychics after signing a newsletter? Are they trying to get you to buy a wide range of sales products that are not related to psychic readings?

Have you become a victim of identify fraud after providing information to a free psychic website?

Please share your experiences with our regular readers. You will need to join the forum first. Any information you share can help psychic clients.

Love and Light

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Angry Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Here's a warning by the American Army about fake Twitter and Facebook profiles being used by criminals who attempt to get your personal information on social networks. They are now using fake army profiles on facebook and Twitter (nothing is off limits).

We have been regularly sharing how out of control fake psychic profiles are in the live psychic reading industry and why you shouldn't friend any psychics or spiritual angelic services that claim to communicate with the higher realms.

Hint: If they need your personal information to do psychic readings you are being scammed by a clever con artist.

If they are genuinely able to do psychic readings they will not need to friend you on facebook or get YOU to provide answers to questions to win free psychic readings, ecourses etc.
(these tidbits used are to entice you to get something for nothing. Ask yourself is a free psychic offer worth it when they scam you?).

Here's an example of a fake psychic reader advertisement:

"I'm going to offer a free psychic reading each week to one of my lucky Facebook friends. Write why you need a psychic reading and I'll select the best question for the week."

You then write:

"I need a relationship reading, or I want to know if I will fall pregnant this year." etc.

You have fallen for the fake psychics trap by sharing why you want a reading
(hint: genuine psychics don't need to know why you want a reading, fake psychics require a lot of information).

If you are being enticed to look at
beautiful photos of angels, or read and 'like' inspiring quotes by fake psychics who have to appear to look like they are real psychics, you are doing a disservice to credible spiritual psychics who genuinely steer clear of these sales tactics and provide genuine readings.

Remember behind the spiritual love quotes and beautiful photos shared regularly on facebook and Twitter can be sales affiliates and criminals attempting to get to your personal information.
Hint: They have to get you to like their facebook page to get higher reputation, the more people following the higher their profiles rise.

I'm guided these scams are out of control and if the US army are warning people about scam sites don't take spirits guidance lightly.

Be alert and check your security settings on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you stop any Psychic Mind Body Spirit sites getting to your personal information.

Share this with your friends and family. I'm guided Facebook is going to be hit hard soon by criminals. Be diligent with all of the people who friend you, and only share your personal information with people you know and trust.

You have to realize even the most beautiful spiritual angelic sites and manifestation sites can sometimes have a sinister business profile behind them. BE CAREFUL.

Love and Light

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Old 09-25-2012, 10:08 AM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Here's another update about affinity schemers using social network to target retirees.

Read what the experts share and then check what Vine guided. You will see Vine was revealing exactly how overseas scam networks were targeting you and I on our social networks.

You will also notice that Melbourne psychic medium Vine was attempting to help you understand how your privacy and personal information was being tricked out of you when you signed up for free psychic e-mail readings or why you need to be careful of new psychics entering the market place.

The information we update on karma forum will help you understand technology. Vine is constantly guided about the way fraudsters are working around technology and government shortfalls. You will identify she cares about your health and well being.

Vine was guided in 2007 to begin providing information about psychic scams to help you recognize what you have to look out for. These scams are not about platform mediums or fake psychics that the online skeptic community target. They are more relevant to your daily life and helping you keep your money in the bank.

Be careful and research anyone in the psychic, metaphysical, life coach, power of the mind manifestation field before you book a consultation with them online. Check their real reputation and identify how long they have been working in the psychic and spiritual arena. If in doubt, check with the Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs, ASIC or equivalent in your city or Country.

Source: ABC
Story: Fraud Scams Target Retirees
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Old 09-27-2012, 01:40 AM
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Thumbs down Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Before you read the following posts about the dangers of booking e-mail psychic readings through social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ we recommend you watch this video. Check why we have been cautioning readers to be switched on and understand why your privacy and personal security is being violated.

Go to our last post about why you need to be cautious about friending psychics on social networks. You may find this information will be more useful than you anticipated...
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Old 10-02-2012, 02:24 PM
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Default Email Psychic Readings - Australia & World

Are you hooked on email psychic readings?
Melbourne psychic medium Vine was guided in 2007 to share how a lot of people have been able to claim they are real psychics by falsifying business reputations as psychic and online phone readers. The fake gypsy psychics who look into crystal balls are now contacting you on your social network sites. Some of them are from organized criminal gangs.

Have you signed up for special psychic offers with customer service or been enticed to give your details for free weekly or monthly newsletters, Ebooks, astrology charts etc?

Then you have handed all of your personal information across to a psychic business. This information in the wrong hands is resulting in fake businesses thriving and now the criminal element following similar sales tactics.

You may have innocently entered into arrangements with apparent psychic businesses because you believed you could trust them.

How did they do this?
They groom you to provide personal information about your life. That's right! You have allowed them to charm their way into your life and actually given them all of your personal information.

Email psychic readers in particular are building up false business reputations. Be careful of psychic review sites recommending email psychic readers.

Why do you call a psychic?
We want you to consider what a real psychic is supposed to represent, as opposed to what an online psychic business wants you to think a psychic is?

A psychic is supposed to provide genuine proof of their psychic ability by telling you things you only know, and helping you with your current issues. They do this without YOU revealing anything about your reasons for contacting them.

Simple. If you don't provide any information they have to prove they're a psychic.

If they only know your first name and tune into your energy and provide real proof of psychic ability - that is a genuine gifted psychic.

Natural psychics share what they are being spiritually guided and therefore they can't refer to your social media Facebook, Twitter Profiles, or Google+ information.

Psychic E-mails - Customer Service Questions

If you share your reasons for wanting a reading with a psychic or customer service representative they can either search online for information about your life, or just pass on the information you shared with a customer service rep. to appear to be genuine.

Vine has previously shared that you not only have to be concerned about sales people setting themselves up as psychics, you also have to be aware that criminal networks are hiding behind psychic businesses.

How scary is that?

Which Psychics Want Your Personal Information?

Email psychic websites that ask you to fill in all your details and provide photos are most likely to be a fake business. Sometimes this information is collated and lands up in data deposits in overseas countries, or in some sales persons inbox.

Independent sales psychics who use sales talk to get you to open up are most likely to have online question forms asking for information about love, relationships, career, business.

The forms are designed for you to fill in everything about your circumstances.
It goes something like this:

"Before I can help you with my psychic expertise I need you to share what you want me to look into. The more helpful information you provide, the easier it will be for me to tune into it."

How many online psychics have you contacted who grill you for information? Some psychic businesses prompt you in their social media and online website advertisement that to have a successful psychic reading you need to share your information
. We're guiding YOU that this is false.

If you believe an accurate and reputable psychic needs your personal information to do a psychic reading you're being TRICKED...

Consequences of Providing Your Personal Information

Next thing you know you are experiencing identity fraud, having money taken out of your bank account because a criminal has cleverly used your information to appear as if they are YOU.

An email psychic reader may end up being your worst enemy.

What Vine Was Guided to Do to Help

VINE has been revealing that a print-out of an email psychic reading is useless if you've spoon fed the psychic in the first place, and
just isn't worth it if you gave your personal information to a criminal gang.

Machine Generated Email Psychic Reading Spambots

The latest email psychic scam
hitting your social networks involves machine generated free email psychic reading offers. In September our team noticed an online machine (spambots) tricking people who followed an Xstrology (astrology) Twitter feed.

The online machine sent a Direct Message (DM) to them and gave them a special code to fill in to get a free online email psychic reading. It was a trap.

Everyone who clicked the link had their Twitter account infiltrated by a Chinese hacking company. Twitter couldn't keep up with the spambots because the machine automatically changed its profile. It took over 5 weeks for Twitter to stop this spambot.

In that time millions of accounts around the world were being hacked. (refer to Vine's warning to Twitter community in our weekly editorial section by clicking link HERE).

What You're Up Against

This is what you are up against when you are searching for a Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth email psychic reader. You might place your trust in someone claiming to be working in Australia is directing your 1300 psychic line call to a foreign country. Your local psychic might be in the UK, the Philippines, India, the USA, Canada, Russia - the list can go on and on.

This is now happening with other online scams throughout the world. So calling a 1300 psychic number doesn't ensure you are speaking to someone in Australia.
As a psychic customer you deserve to be told the truth and for the psychic business to meet the fair trading laws of Australia and your own residing country.

These type of online scams are really out of control and if you're not on top of your personal details you might find you become their next victim.

Our Recommendations to Online Customers

We recommend you only seek out psychics with genuine business reputation. Avoid booking email psychic readings with customer service staff (even the most reputable psychic companies).

They simply cannot ensure your personal information will remain confidential.

Look for online psychic businesses that
don't offer email psychic readings or use customer service representatives who request your private information.

Vine's online psychic bookings do not require any of our customers personal information other than a first name, phone number to call, time and day you want the booking.

We have eliminated any personal contact to ensure our customers know Vine is capable of providing accurate psychic help. There is no reason other reputable psychic businesses can't remove their customer service staff as well. It ensures psychics who are on top of the search engines, have built their reputation through word of mouth and aren't abusing their customers' trust.


Anyone can appear to be psychic if you give them all your details.

We have been revealing all of the sales tricks businesses are engaging in to appear to be credible email psychics. They use your information because you gave it to them. They may pass it on to phone psychics and email psychic readers. Don't be their next victim.

Read our helpful email psychic reading guides and don't only refer to public relation articles written by the psychics themselves. If a false psychic is only staying in business because they need your information they will try to spin a story why their Mind Body Spirit email psychic readings are true.

Look through the marketing spin and research their psychic backgrounds.
You might be glad you did.


Updated by Vine Inspirational Consulting

Admin. copyright 2012 all rights reserved
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Old 10-11-2012, 01:57 AM
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Unhappy Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?


I'm back and raring to go after the Melbourne school holidays.

Oh I struck gold, when I found this new request on Yahoo asking for help with a legal disclaimer about an online psychic email business.

When you read the psychic disclaimer you will see why Vine's caution about email psychic businesses do need heaps of information. The mystery psychic is about to bombard her customers with so much jargon on her online psychic readings page. She intends to place this legal disclaimer somewhere in her terms of use psychic reading web page.

I wondered what psychic services she is actually offering to the public, because she is certainly sharing what they're not responsible for?

Take a look Vine and Karma Forum members and give me your honest opinion about this legal help request on Yahoo Answers.

I think I have found more evidence why your cautioning people throughout Australia and the globe to be careful.

A worthwhile cause when you see some of the scams that are going on out there.
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Old 10-11-2012, 02:07 PM
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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Hi Soiree,

Where did you end up going for your break with your family? It's good to have you back. The Karma Forum has missed you.

I took a quick look at the psychic disclaimer and I have to agree with the lawyer it is way too long. The earlier comment where they describe nobody really looks at the terms and conditions is quite telling.

We have been advising online psychic customers to do exactly that. This way you are in control of your personal information and really thinking about where your information is going. You also need to check your social media privacy settings are set to private friends only.

The bottom line is that it's up us to be responsible for our online psychic purchases and to check the real reputation of a business.

I do believe this message is slowly being digested once people find helpful forum guidance.

As much as we try to understand why the consumer is easily swayed to these type of readings, it is up to them to think about whether their need to know specific questions is really destroying the integrity of the real psychic arts.

I am forever having to stop my clients sharing everything about their reasons for wanting a psychic reading. I am guided most people share so much information because they believe this is what a psychic reading is.

There is a good spiritual quote which says trust in Allah, but tether your camels first. Which means we are all responsible for the life decisions we make about sharing our personal information. If you don't protect your privacy and are motivated to jump first, then your higher intuitive self will be pushed into the background.

Love and Light

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Old 11-02-2012, 08:00 PM
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Angry Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Western Australia's Department of Commerce are revealing they have intercepted 30,000 letters from psychics trying to entice the public to give them large sums of money.

Vine has been sharing how this is also occurring online. When you or I are looking for an email psychic reading we are more likely to come across these type of people who send bulk psychic letters posing as psychics. They hope to find someone vulnerable enough to believe they are cursed, buy their love charms or use their email psychic services to get your personal information.

Australian Vine Psychic is earning a lot of respect around the world helping you and I understand the pros and cons of selecting a credible psychic. Accurate psychic readings can be sourced by real psychics like Vine. Since 2007 she has been providing helpful fact sheets to help readers identify fake clairvoyant services.

If you're used to purchasing a psychic email reading and can't get your head around how to protect your privacy then don't move towards an online email psychic.

Email Scam Psychics Now Direct Message You on Twitter

The psychic chat and astrology scam sites are are now directly targeting your Twitter and Facebook accounts. They are sending you a direct message trying to get you to click a link directly to their psychic chat site.

The message goes something like this:

@star-girl your star sign tweet just got you a free psychic chat. Visit our website and place in this code to win your special reading.

Now why is this direct marketing a warning you need to look out for?

1. No psychic is allowed to send DM's to solicit business because it is categorized as spam on Twitter and Facebook.

2. You are being directed to a link to fill in all your personal details before they offer the free psychic chat reading.

You can report any psychic site to Twitter @spam or the phishing help area on Facebook. Move away from any psychic business that crosses a boundary and doesn't respect social network etiquette.

The Karma Forum will regularly update any useful information to help our readers and the public wade their way through the advertising and psychic spin doctors.

If you want to read the warning the Western Australian government is sharing with Australian citizens you can source the information below.
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Old 11-09-2012, 07:16 PM
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Angry Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Do you remember Australian psychic Medium Vine's warning about Twitter accounts being compromised by criminal networks? What about how she has been warning all of you not to click links to email and online psychic sites before checking if the psychic on Twitter or Facebook demonstrated historical business credentials?

You will be glad you followed that advice now that Twitter is having to warn thousands of Twitter accounts have been hacked and compromised.

Do you remember how Vine was guided to work on the first psychic line after she was doing personal readings? She shared her spiritual guardians warned her scam psychics would emerge to do email and phone psychic readings. She was guided to help you and I understand how the fraudsters would be seeking you out and trying to get you to use their psychic chat lines.

Well all of those warnings if heeded may have stopped you being the next victim of overseas criminal networks.

We're unsure how many Twitter accounts have been compromised this week, but it is possibly in the hundred of thousands. They were all hacked, by criminals wanting to find out the personal information of the account holder.

If you own a Twitter account you would not have been able to log into your account. It would have been taken over by the criminals to try to entice your followers to click their links. Consider this to be a domino effect hacking network.

You might be one of the Twitter accounts who RT your daily horoscope to find a spambot machine will hone in on you and get you to accept a free psychic reading. They hope you will be enticed by the word FREE and click the link. This is officially called a phishing attack.

They are the same type of email spam sites that regularly send bulk emails hoping you might have a bank account an insurance policy, or panic when you see the ATO threatening you with a fine if you don't provide the details they require. They hope you don't think and just do.

Clicking the link allows them to get all of the information they require to get into your account when they reveal you must fill in your details. Learn more about Twitter accounts being compromised by following reputable link to Tech Crunch.

Nearly every online business can be infiltrated by criminal networks. It is why we don't ever recontact customers after their initial psychic reading. We direct our customers to read our newsletter on our website and your personal information is known only to you.

Vine knew what was coming. She moved away from Facebook and doesn't follow her customers on social networks. You will not know the names of her clients because she leaves anonymous messages on her Twitter account.

Vine's customers know their privacy is paramount. They know Vine doesn't recontact customers after we have concluded a psychic reading. If a criminal network attempted to replicate Vine's business our customer would know it was SPAM.

Everything has been done to stop our clients from being tricked into clicking fake links. This is what other psychic businesses must do to ensure your cyber safety.

further news about this story:

Vine Inspirational Consulting - Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved
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Wink Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Oh I'm happy Vine. I've just seen your face again after all of these years. I was just looking for you at the Slow Down Shop and there you are smiling sharing your wisdom again on the internet. You don't look like you've aged a bit. You put me and my family to shame we are all big girls now.

I went to another psychic in Richmond and it just wasn't the same as your wonderful readings. Do you know I have tried to remember your name for ages and it just came back to me the other day.

I wouldn't have an email psychic reading if you paid me to. Why are people on the internet so stupid to believe these psychics care about them?

I've tried so many other psychics, some have been alright, but they don't shine a torch to what you do.

When can I see you again?

Edine Yusif

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Default Re: Psychic Email Readings - Are They Safe?

Email psychic readings are not the only areas being targeted by the criminal network and people impersonating psychic ability.

Vine Psychic Readings Line is sending out an important warning before the Christmas and holiday season to be on the lookout for phishing and spam bot attacks on Twitter and Facebook.

Since 2007 Vine has been helping you and I understand what credible psychics and mediums skills are as opposed to the people who try to impersonate reputable psychics.

She knows that the holiday season is when sales people circle around your social networks to test their luck selling Psychic Mind Spirit Ebooks, hypnotherapy tapes, teach you how to be psychic courses, just to name a few of the scams that are currently online. She has also been guided the criminal element are now impersonating psychics.

Vine's latest psychic reading blog is going to make it more difficult for misleading psychic chat lines and tarot readers to hide behind the fake advertising and misleading business practices they have been engaging in.

She is revealing more and more of their secret business deals and helping you to identify fake psychic Twitter accounts. You will learn why retweets about your astrology sign can bring unwanted spam bots to get you to click phishing links.

She gives a couple of Twitter examples about @MelbournePsychic and @StKildaRed's real reasons for interacting with each other. If you don't like being taken for a fool read this because you might find your lovely Twitter psychic isn't as nice as you thought they were.

We promise when you read why Vine is cautioning you to be careful about interacting with psychic chat and independent psychics on your social networks you will be grateful.

Nobody deserves to be mislead by any psychic business and now you are going to find out which psychic sites are not as honest as they claim to be.

You can read Vine's important guidance by going to the link below:

Vine Inspirational Consulting - 2012 copyright, all rights reserved
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