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Old 09-29-2011, 02:08 PM
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Default Psychic Lineage - Is it important for Psychic Readers?

"Does psychic sensitivity come through lineage?" Another great question asked by one of my clients this week and I'm sharing with readers on the forum.

Psychic Advertising - Designed to influence the Psychic Reader

What does it mean to have psychic lineage?
Psychic lineage is inherited psychic abilities or gifts which have been passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes you will read advertised material from a psychic claiming their family were all white witches or their grandmother worked in the psychic field and they have the same spiritual skills as their deceased family members etc.

Do all good psychics need to have an inherited psychic gene to do readings or is this an advertising trick used by gypsy psychics and the like to get people to use their services?

Actually, it can be both.

A psychic can be born with heightened spiritual abilities into families that don't have other members in the slightest way psychic. If the lineage argument holds true all the time, then you would expect to have all members of a family having the same type of paranormal and mystical occurrences or having different types of psychic experiences.

Everybody in a genetic family tree doesn't automatically have the same biological structure as each other. The chromosomes that make our genes can differ from sibling to sibling. It doesn't reign true that all family members have the same type of psychic abilities.

That doesn't infer that some families are incapable of being spiritually psychic or share similar types of sensitivities. It just means you can't say everyone will end up with the same psychic abilities as each other, or have any abilities at all.

Psychic Advertising to Promote Psychic Family Lineage
Psychic lineage words are often bandied around to demonstrate that psychics have real psychic ability. If you've read any of my earlier articles you will know that the psychic PR strategists will attempt to draw in people using popular keywords.

There are going to be some psychics who will falsely claim to have inherited psychic ability from family generations because they know this type of advertising works. In the same way as they will make up a biography story about how they lived with a Guru in India who shared all of the Sanskrit teachings.

This is classed as 'advertising fluffery' and these elaborate tales are designed to catch vulnerable readers using the misleading psychic reading sites.

I often use the word 'scam' when talking about the psychic industry, because there are thousands of people using every shonky business strategy under the sun to attract unsuspecting customers to their door.

They will dangle stories like carrots to be eagerly grasped by someone who is keen to understand their own spiritual self. It doesn't mean they are true. Most often these stories are written by people hired by psychic businesses to use every SEO keyword they can to influence their online ratings. They might be paid from $1.50 per hundred words and work in India, Australia, Philippines, Canada etc.

(check this out yourself - type in 'hire a psychic writer' and see how many listings appear on the search engine results)

If you just did this exercise you would have found that psychic companies hire writers to write about all types of paranormal, metaphysical, spiritual topics. Normally they haven't had any experiences they write about. The hired writers research other psychics encounters and write about them in the first person.

You have to be careful of all of the information you read on the web and have an air of discernment, because most of the information being updated by scam sites is generated for revenue earnings only.

Does a credible Psychic Reader need to have psychic lineage? The answer to that question is definitely, NO. A psychic needs to have a proven track record of real psychic abilities. A psychic needs to have built their business reputation by actually being a reputable clairvoyant that people seek out above others.

If someone is claiming to have inherited their psychic abilities from past family then I would recommend you research their claims. They should be able to direct you to the family member who worked in the psychic field, how long they provided readings, where they lived in the world etc. If they can't show photos or any historical information, then class the claim under the "fluffery" category.

Any less information isn't worth following up, because it has probably been fabricated by the owner of the psychic business.

I believe there are a handful of psychics around the world who can claim to have psychic lineage and there are other amazing psychics who are just naturally gifted and stand alone from anyone in their family heritage. You don't have to be born into a family of psychics to gain heightened psychic ability.

Love and Light

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above are Vine Psychic's tips to help you get the psychic help you spiritually deserve
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